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Welcome to Jack & Anita Mauldin's Boer goats, the home of "Ennobled" Genetics. ("Ennobled" is ABGA's label for "best of the best").  As of January, 2010, we had six different Boer goats from our farm that had become "Ennobled" in ABGA. See "Ennoblements".

This site focuses on sharing general Boer Goat information with other people raising Boer goats or meat goats and specific information about our Boer goat herd for sale for potential buyers in the meat goat industry.

Our farm is just outside of Ector, Texas. Ector is about 60 miles Northeast of Dallas, Texas. We raise registered full-blood Boer goats.  We have worked with people in all the American Boer Goat registries and other goat associations. We are impressed with the market potential for reds, paints in the meat goat industry and the growth we are seeing. We are focusing more attention on increasing the reds and paints in our herds.

Our Mission is "Raise quality fullblood boer goats, with breed characteristics that can be financially justified, focusing on being the premiere “meat goat” in the industry that is hardy,  have a long productive life and requires minimum management. To be sold as desirable breeding stock for new breeders and for herd improvement for existing breeders. To be profitable and have a high buyer satisfaction in doing business with us.”

Latest Change:      03/14/14 - Added a new page to list breeders, without a website, that are dedicated to breeding with fullblood bucks only for registered offspring.

Painted Warrior

One of our foundation bucks

Died January, 2010

Barn and pen lay out

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Does for Sale

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Monthly Maint.

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Waiting List

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We would like to hear your feedback if you thought our Web site was useful or if you have information you would like to share. We can also be reached the old fashion way.

Jack & Anita Mauldin
260 County Road 1286
Ector, Texas 75439
Phone 903-961-2050


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We have added a small herd of Miniature Herefords to our farm. We call them Classic Herefords because they are not miniature in size. They are a breed that has gone back to the original size of the Herefords that came to the US in the late 1800s