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"Producers have relied too heavily on a chemical crutch by overusing dewormers," says Dr. Ray Kaplan, veterinarian and parasite researcher at the University of Georgia. "The results are alarming. The situation is critically serious in goats and just as serious in sheep."

Source: Progressive Farmer Magazine & referenced in ABGA Online Newsletter.

Fighting Parasites Through Better Management

By Jack Mauldin
September 16, 2007

I decided to do research and write this article shortly after the severe parasite storm that hit many areas in 2007.  see the following articles (Parasite Storm & High Maintenance). Six months after the parasite storm, we were still feeling the affects of it and  heard the same from many other breeders across the country.

I want to make it clear to all readers that we are not experts in the goat or parasite field. So everything stated in this is my opinion and understanding from the experience we have had over the last 10 years plus the information I have found on research  about better management  to help fight against parasites in the industry.  Take every thing you read here with a grain of salt and decide what you believe. I now have a religious belief that breeders have to change their approach from "de-worming their way out of problems" to "managing their way out of problems".

Also let me make it perfectly clear that most of the text in this article is coming directly out of the research reports or I have cut and pasted their information. I am not trying to claim the majority of this information just came out of my head. If it did, it would be a very short article and not worth reading.

There is good news for the small breeders in this issue. Most breeders are not going to change their focus on improving the genetics of their herd to  be more resistant. They will continue to focus on doing whatever it takes to keep their animals looking in top shape for going to the shows and winning, plus preparing them for their next production sale. The small breeder can take a longer view and start breeding for the next generation of boer goats that will survive and thrive while the "big name" boers will end up going to the worms.... JMHO

A Possible Road to Better Management of Internal Parasites