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Pinto Grande was purchased from ABF Boer Goats. They had bred their ABF Spot - Ennobled, to Painted Warrior. Spot is one of their premiere breeding/showing does out of ABF Lillie - Ennobled.

Birth Date: 12/14/2006

Picture was taken the day she kidded. It is a full udder that can provide nutrition for multiple kids. Good shape and attachment to the body. In 2012 and 2013, Pinto accepted a newborn kid from another mother kidding at the same time that could/would not raise it.

EGGSFILE *ENNOBLED* 3/00 (10020970)

MAUL XTENDER **ENNOBLED** 8/2005 (10096507)

*BNZ JOHANNA (*I00206097)

Sire: MAUL R284 PAINTED WARRIOR **ENNOBLED** 1/2006 (10183660)

EGGSFILE *ENNOBLED* 3/00 (10020970)

BNZ ANNA LISE (10254122)


Animal: ABF V42 PINTO GRANDE (10362676)

TOP GUN NO 2 *ENNOBLED* 7/2000 (96151003)


EGGSPENSIVE *ENNOBLED 02/2001* (10002306)

Dam: ABF M29 SPOT **ENNOBLED** 2/2006 (10093254)

TND LEROY (96129052) (1st IBGA Permanent Grand Champion Buck)

ABF LILLIE *ENNOBLED 03/2002* (10028811)


Example of Kids

1. Saddle up Sally - out of War Ammo

2. A buck out of War Dancer